2016 Vega Digital Awards Canopus Winner: Creations Namale by Phoenix The Creative Studio, Canada

Vega Awards - Creations Namale 09

Company : Phoenix The Creative Studio

Project Title : Creations Namale

Category : Website | Fashion

Country : Canada

Vega Awards - Creations Namale 08

Namale is a word that comes from the Fijian language and means “Unique Jewel”, it perfectly represents Creations Namale’s products which are all handmade and crafted with the finest materials available.

Vega Awards - Creations Namale 03

Vega Awards - Creations Namale 04

Vega Awards - Creations Namale 06

Vega Awards - Creations Namale 07

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2017 Muse Creative Awards Grand Jury Panel Announced!

2017 Muse Creative Awards Grand Jury Panel Announced!

Each year we take the opportunity to celebrate the great creativity worldwide by running the Muse Creative Awards where all creatives are invited to submit their best work from the past 2 years.

We are extremely excited about this year’s panel of judges. 

It is with great gratitude and admiration that we celebrate the 2017 Jury Members. This year we were fortunate to have 47 individual Jury Members across 19 countries, dedicated to each of our 183 categories. From the Creative Art Director, Marketing Director, Executive Producers at Internatinal Agencies to Well-known lecturers at International Colleges – we have experts from every part of the industry and the globe donating their time to review your entries. Without their commitment, expertise, and enthusiasm for creative design, our program would not be possible.

Our expert Grand Jury Panel is standing by as the 2017 Muse Creative Awards judging period starts next Wednesday, on March 8, 2017 and the process requires approximately 1-2 weeks before the results are announced on March 22, 2017.

For Full details, visit: http://museaward.com/newjudge