Black Mama Craft Beer Label Design by Think Bold Studio Wins 2017 Muse Awards

International Packaging Design Awards: Black Mama Craft Beer Label Design by Think Bold Studio wins 2017 Muse Creative Awards.

Packaging Design Awards | Think Bold Studio wins Muse Creative Awards

Company : Think Bold Studio

Client: Original 1920

Project Title : Black Mama Craft Beer

Category : MARKETING BRANDING & DESIGN | Packaging Design Awards

Country : Portugal

Packaging Design Awards | Think Bold Studio wins Muse Creative Awards

Muse Packaging Design Awards Winner – Black Mama Craft Beer Label Design

Black Mama is a special edition black IPA craft beer. As a whole, this product is a representation of a connection between the process of making the beer and the craft of the beer label design itself as a whole.  Its characteristics’ define upon the belief that the parts intimately interconnects and accounts only by reference to the whole. What’s Unique? Most craft beer packaging has no soul, no craft, and a poor image. Overall, this diminishes the tedious process of making the beer. Besides, it does not reflects the pride the brewer has when selling the beer.

A label, it can say a lot- stories and passion. After the crafting of the beer, all these disappears. For that, a good label gives that passion and stories a visual impact.

Black Mama says, yes this beer was crafted with work and thought behind it. People who like craft beer will understand and value it. Cheers to that!

Packaging Design Awards | Think Bold Studio wins Muse Creative Awards


Account Executive : Hugo Marques

About Think Bold Studio

ThinkBold!™ is a creative studio. The founder, Hugo Marques has a passion for branding and packaging, with a focus on modern vintage design.
ThinkBold!™ believes in craftsmanship and the value of premium design. We are a creative studio specialising in attractive packaging design and unique branding. We work with clients who are looking for quality crafted design, and appreciate the added value of premium appearance. The studio is located in Aveiro, Portugal.

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