Embracing Technology: Dell Technologies Video Wins GlobalTrend Awards

Life Never Stand Stills by Home Wins Triumph Award

A video production on technology by Home grabs the Triumph Awards at the 2017 GlobalTrend Video Awards in two sub-categories: company overview and cinematography.

Embracing Technology: Dell Technologies Video Wins GlobalTrend Awards

Company : Home

Client : Dell Technologies

Project Title : Life Never Stands Still

Categories : Video Production (Individual Episode) | Company Overview

 Video Production (Individual Episode) | Cinematography

Country : United Kingdom

The objective is to create a film with a single mission which is to bring to life the story behind creating technologies that advance human progress in a way that inspires, builds pride and instills joy for Dell Technologies employees. The video illustrates different angles of story in a beautiful manner with each story transiting smoothly into the next story. Life Never Stands Still embraces the advancement of technology in providing mankind a better lifestyle.

Watch Life Never Stands Still here!


Agency: Home

Director: Matt Harris Freeth

Creative Director: Ben King

Executive Producer: Oliver Kendall

Composer: Echoic Audio

Owner: Tamara Hernandez

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