Neon and Fluo Campaign | 2017 GlobalTrend Awards Triumph Winner

Pub Point Com delivers the message of their campaign on recycling light bulbs through animation.

Neon and Fluo Campaign | 2017 GlobalTrend Award Triumph Winner

Company : Pub Point Com

Project Title : 2017 Campaign- Neon and Fluo

Client : RecycFluo

Category : Video Production (Series / Campaign) | Animation

Country : Canada

Neon and Fluo Campaign | 2017 GlobalTrend Award Triumph Winner

The Campaign

Neon and Fluo aims to educate people about recycling light bulbs. It broadcasts the messages on both television and on the Web. An animation concept with voice-over to play the characters, it touches on the importance of recycling light bulbs in an entertaining way.

Watch Neon and Fluo here!

About Pub Point Com

Since 1997, Pub Point Com has been drawing on its expertise. They know how to create, plan, and deliver high-impact advertising campaigns and communication tools. Their team is all about professional service that surpasses expectations. They are also proud to share the results of their work with and for a broad range of clients from every field of endeavour.

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