Real Estate Website Design by RUYA Wins 2016 Vega Digital Awards

Al Erkyah City – Life Well Lived

Real Estate website design by RUYA, United Arab Emirates for Al Erkyah City is a Canopus Winner in the 2016 Vega Digital Awards.

Company : RUYA

Client : Ariane Real Estate

Project Title : Al Erkyah City – Life well lived

Category : Website | Real Estate

Country : United Arab Emirates

Al Erkyah City results from the belief that we all deserve to live, work and play in the healthiest environment possible. Visitors were held in awe at the 2016 City scape Qatar and130 units were sold in 3 days.

About RUYA

At RUYA, you dive into years of brand experience. All this, comes with the support of an enthusiastic and adaptive team. The result is innovative brands that work and are celebrated in the real world. RUYA wants their customers to enjoy every association with the brand. To endure this, they have every touch-point a defined. Alongside is a well-thought out interaction. They inherit a foresight that helps them to imagine a believable future for clients brand. All-together showing how best to present yourself with immediate and future growth in mind.

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