2016 Vega Digital Awards Canopus Winner: Alice Through The Looking Glass “Wonder Mirror” by Part IV, United States

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Company : Part IV

Project Title : Alice Through The Looking Glass “Wonder Mirror”

Client: Walt Disney Pictures

Category : Innovative / Experimental

Country : United States

Disney challenged us to find a way to promote “Alice Through The Looking Glass”. We conceived a magical mirror, using cutting edge face-tracking technology to transform anyone into a beloved Alice character. We built custom kiosks that traveled all over the world, including a two-month residency at Disneyland. Users were emailed a photo & Instagram video of their experience.


‘Walt Disney Pictures challenged us to find a way to promote their new film, Alice Through The Looking Glass, at the 2015 D23 Convention in Anaheim, CA.  We had a 40′ x 40′ space, a blank canvas to build our own little corner of Wonderland.

We conceived a magical mirror, using cutting edge face tracking technology to instantly transform anyone into a beloved Alice character.

Our goal was to not just use a simple 2D overlay, but to fully transform the user with both makeup and 3D elements, tracked perfectly in real-time.  And create a cool shareable takeaway from the experience.’


‘We began by designing a whimsical Wonderland inspired space with plush grass, cobblestone pathways, mushrooms, topiaries, and costumes from the film.  To best accommodate the anticipated line for this attraction at D23, we decided to build four of our Wonder Mirror kiosks to minimize wait time.

Each kiosk had a larger mirror with a duplicate feed placed on the outside so friends, family, and passing fans could stand and watch same the magical results from users’ screens inside the kiosks.

With our designs completed, we partnered with Premiere Displays to build and finesse our vision into a reality.  The physical build for Alice began with dozens of artisans hand crafting our little corner of Wonderland.’

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‘We quickly learned that this style of a fully immersive face tracking execution hadn’t really been accomplished before. There were several examples of just 2D texture wrapping and 3D paste-on head replacement, but nothing as robust and transformation we were envisioning.

After several months down the rabbit hole in research and development with multiple cameras, trackers, and hardware solutions, we decided to build own custom software to interface with raw facial tracking data.

This custom application allowed us to position our occluded 3D elements and pair them with our texture wrap makeup effects for a true first-to-market experience, and a revolutionary progression of a traditional “photo booth,” now truly allowing real-time augmented transformation.’

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