Creative Pick: 2016 Muse Creative Awards Platinum Winner: Shakti Bhog Brand Film: Celebrating The Spirit Of Philately by Passion Film, India


Company :  Passion Film

Project Title : Shakti Bhog Brand Film: Celebrating The Spirit Of Philately

Category : Corporate Image

Country : India

Shakti Bhog Foods Limited, is a company that was born out of the deep concern to provide hygienic staple food to the people. Its main business lies in the production of Wheat and Rice. After all before gaining independence in 1947 from the British, India was a land of princely states and kingdoms without a proper national identity. Even after independence, India is culturally diverse in terms of its people, languages and traditions.


POSTAGE STAMPS with its wide usage came as a solution to be used as communication tools across the length and breadth of the nation. Issued by Post & Telegraphic Office nationally, STAMPS through their engraved imagery successfully communicated the Planning Commission’s initiatives with respect to food and agricultural policies.


Building on this historical and cultural legacy, Postage Stamps have been adopted in the telling the story of Shakti Bhog in this film. The film tells this journey in an innovative way celebrating the spirit of ‘Philately- the study of stamps and postal cards’.

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