Video | Advocate Creative Wins 2017 GlobalTrend Awards

TeachAIDS: A Movement to Breakthrough HIV & AIDS

A Triumph Winner in the 2017 GlobalTrend Awards, TeachAIDS video shows how its organization works. At the same time, it reveals how it is sparking a movement in the health education space. 

TeachAIDS Video | Advocate Creative Wins 2017 GlobalTrend Awards

Company : Advocate Creative

Project Title : What is TeachAIDS?

Client : TeachAIDS

Category : Video Production (Individual Episode) | Medical

Country : United States

TeachAIDS Video | Advocate Creative Wins 2017 GlobalTrend Awards

Advocate Creative creates an organizational explainer film that concisely explains what is TeachAIDS. It utilizes footage shot on location in Kenya as well as user-generated photos and video. The film also integrates motion graphics and employs voiceovers from around the world.

Watch it here!

Advocate Creative: Who are They?

Advocate Creative are strategists, designers, and storytellers. They refuse to accept the world as it is. It is their commitment to dedicate their lives to make it more as it should be.

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