Corporate Identity | Bachoo Design Studio Wins 2017 Muse Creative Awards

Branding & Corporate Identity of Bachoo Design Studio wins 2017 Muse Creative Awards

Corporate Identity | Bachoo Design Studio wins Muse Creative Awards

Company : Bachoo Design Studio

Client : Bachoo Design Studio

Project Title : Branding & Corporate Identity of Bachoo Design Studio


Country : Ukraine

Corporate Identity | Bachoo Design Studio wins Muse Creative Awards

About Bachoo Design Studio’s Corporate Identity

Bachoo Design Studio was born in between Europe and Asia, right at the point where East meets West. Our headquarter is in Ukraine. We work with clients all over the world and have been long searching for a universal way to communicate. Bachoo Design Studio found it through the eyes of people, via the uniting language of visual forms and dynamism of design inspired by technology.

Corporate Identity | Bachoo Design Studio wins Muse Creative Awards


User and Strategy research

We do market analysis, collect references and perform competitor and industry research.
This allows us to understand the core user of the product, his desires and needs. This gives us an idea how to build a product appealing to him.


Design the experience

We design the experience in 3 gradual steps, each time increasing in detail, from pen and paper sketches to wireframes to high-definition, interactive prototypes.

All our projects undergo a manual UX testing (“Mom test”) for increased product usability.


Add flavor

We have handpicked top designers and visual experts from Ukraine and USA.
Our shared culture allows us to achieve universal and globally recognized visual results.


Bring it to life

After a brilliant idea comes flawless execution. Developers work at full potential along with the most powerful platforms: iOS, Android

Front-end technologies: Backbone React, Angular, Redux, jQuery and others.

  • Branding and Identity
  • Desktop, web and mobile apps design
  • Web design
  • MVP design
  • Promotional and printed materials
  • Motion Design
  • Custom design solutions
  • Development (Web, iOS, Android)

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