Unibox Company Branding by Upp B2B Wins 2017 Muse Creative Awards

Platinum Winner: Redefining Brand Postioning

Unibox company branding by Upp B2B, United Kingdom wins the 2017 Muse Creative Awards in the integrated marketing category.

2017 Muse Creative Awards | Unibox Company Branding by Upp B2B

Company : Upp B2B

Client : Unibox

Project Title : Unibox

Category : INTEGRATED MARKETING | Company Branding

Country : United Kingdom

2017 Muse Creative Awards | Unibox Company Branding by Upp B2B

Upp B2B have grown. They used to be manufacturers of in-store retail display systems, frameworks, lighting and graphics. They are very good at this, but over time they have grown to be very good at the the concept and design element of this. Nevertheless,they don’t want to change who they are, though as Up B2B thinks that they have something special”. Over 3 months of market, business and customer research they unearthed that they do have something special, and that special something is helping creative agencies bring life and dynamism to their creative work.

2017 Muse Creative Awards | Unibox Company Branding by Upp B2B

Adding the third dimension to Unibox ideas, they redefined the brand positioning as a result of their insight. Unibox is now – the manufacturer with the agency brain’. This means they have a very new, very different audience. A renewed sense of purpose and a keen eye on the target. The rollout is ongoing. To date, they have redeveloped Unibox website, DM lookbooks, event stands, stationery, product catalogues, RFP and quoting documents, signage as well as hallmarking all of their physical, manufactured display systems.

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