2016 Vega Digital Awards Canopus Winner: Sheep View by Sansir and Liquidminds, Faroe Islands

Vega Awards - Google Sheep View

Company : Sansir and Liquidminds

Project Title : Sheep View

Category : Digital Marketing

Country : Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands’ ‘Sheep View’ videos boosted tourism! Tired of waiting for Google to map the archipelago, Faroe Islanders mounted cameras to sheep to create their own version of Google Street View. The campaign was a hit. With a budget of just $200,000, it generated 2 billion media impressions and an estimated PR value of $50 million.

Vega Awards - Google Sheep View

Vega Awards - Google Sheep View

Vega Awards - Google Sheep View

Creative Director : Rune Hørslev

Art Director : Mads Kold, Bogi Henriksen

Director : Thomas Koba

Production Manager : Tor Verland Johansen

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