In Focus: Interview with Ike Elimsa, Director at Twelve12, United States

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Ike Elimsa | Muse Creative Awards

Ike Elimsa

Ike is the Founder and Director of twelve12. His scope of vision is incredible. From the whole picture to the minute detail, Ike is a perfectionist and has a unique gift to lead resources effectively and efficiently to make sure you’re getting the best of 12.


Specializing in strategic planning, branding and marketing, Twelve12 was founded in Orange County with the mission to help small to mid-size companies grow. At Twelve12, our mission is to enable brands everywhere to develop a specific, recognizable voice by being intuitively beautiful and consciously unforgettable.

Interview with the 2018 Muse Creative Awards Winner - Ike Elimsa

1Congratulations! As the winner of the 2018 Muse Creative Awards, what does winning this award mean to you and your team?
Awards like this are so great because it really builds a sense of community, an also hones everybody's talent by recognizing the best work that's currently out there. As a community of creators, that's what we should do most: inspire each other to do better, and reach higher!
2Where do you see the evolution of creative industry going over the next 5-10 years?
The seeds of so many great things to come are visible even right now. As connection speeds up and grows, we can look beyond digital marketing campaigns and the like, and look for ever-new ways to reach people, and even more importantly, to hear what people have to say about the things they like and don't like. Over time, companies will continue to change in order to make the things that people want. If it all goes well, it's the exact opposite of the harsh 20th century advertising model where companies essentially told people what to like (I am an optimist, though).
3What are your top three (3) favorite things about our industry?
Working in the creative industry is great for so many reasons. 1) It's more rewarding: Despite what some say about "selling out" when you make art for businesses, it's just as rewarding-in some ways more-to do custom design work for a client, as you are (hopefully) making something that gets used and seen by so many people. 2) Flexibility: Creativity is a world of flexibility, from all the different possibilities to design the same web page, to the flexibility that comes with setting your own hours. 3) You meet good people: more often than not, creators are really grounded-I think because they are so used to people telling them that their creation sucks and has to change!
4If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering a career in creative industry, what would it be?
A lot of people, when they start to be successful in making brand videos, or whatever, will turn down smaller jobs because they feel it's below them. My advice is to only turn down work if you feel the client doesn't fit with your values. Don't kid yourself that you are working without stopping from morning to night. If you can fit in a few smaller jobs here and there, where your peers won't, you've got an advantage on them, because you'll be learning and doing more.
5Finally, what is your key to success?
In a word, our difference comes down to the "collective". This can mean working closely with our clients to help them make the right decisions. It also means that whether it's a custom-built website, or a logo design, the Twelve12 team collaborates more closely than a lot of agencies out there. No matter the outcome, the right decision is the one that leverages the intelligence and skill of the collective. That's what sets Twelve12 apart.

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Twelve12 is a boutique creative branding agency based in Orange County. We specialize in strategic planning, branding, and marketing for small to mid-sized companies, with the mission to help them grow. Twelve12 regularly assists companies develop across a wide spectrum of traditional and non-traditional marketing venues by producing advertising campaigns, custom websites, brand videos, and apps to ensure a unified message, and an unforgettable first impression.


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