IAA membership is open to qualified individuals with an interest in furthering this mission. New members will be invited to join in the following ways:

  • Nomination by a Founding Member
  • Nomination by another member
  • Nomination by the IAA as a result of a winning entry in an affiliated or IAA-sanctioned award or recognition pro
  • Application through our website, by providing credentials and industry-related experience for review.

Benefits of Membership

As an exclusive, invitation-only organization, membership is extended only to qualified professionals. Other benefits will be offered as the IAA expands.


Members are eligible to become judges in IAA competitions, a prestigious honor.

Personal Branding

Members may feature IAA membership in bios, on business cards and in correspondence, adding value to business communications.

Members may join various panels overseeing a competition’s strategic direction, judging, events organization committees, and more. Committees are formed as required, and cover several disciplines:

  • Online Media - Web Development and Design, Digital Media,Wireless, Graphic Design, Information Systems, E-Commerce, HD
  • Advertising - Print, Television, Alternative, Interactive Strategies, Multi Platform Marketing, Multi Channel Marketing, Promotions
  • Fashion - Design, Merchandising, Retail, Interior Design
  • Film/Television/Video - Feature Films, Documentaries and Short Films, TV Commercials and Programs, Web Content, HD, Corporate, Industrial, and Other Video Productions
  • Photography/Art - Design, Production, Traditional Art, Graphic Art
  • Print - Publishing, Writing, Editing, Graphic Design, Design
  • Specialty Disciplines - Finance, Business Development, Venture Capital, Other
  • Radio - Broadcasting, Programming, Editing, and Development

Awards Info

IAA is the sanctioning body for Muse Creative Awards and Vega Digital Awards. The IAA oversees all judging and charts the course of both awards programs.